Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Turkish Haberdashery Elements Art Work


Black buttons, cardboard, coloured wax-pencils, ribbons and glue.
·To make use of different materials to elaborate a Holy Week double side-card.
·To decorate it.
·To remember some traditions of Holy Week in León.
Teachers of arts and crafts, produced a “papón” inside a folded cardboards. On the outside part of them they prepared the page so that the children could decorate them with different motives related to the Holy Week.
Each child worked individually.
First, they painted the papón’s tunic in purple and black colour. After that, they stuck the buttons to the tunic and, finally, they put the ribbons as a belt.
In this activity participated all the First Cycle Primary School children (6-7 years old).
The last day of class, before the Holy Week holiday, each one took home his/her card.

Besides the plastic tasks developed, children brought forward their own experiences about the Holy Week in León.

Turkish Haberdashery Elements Craft Work

Estonian works of haberdashery elements

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Estonian sweet food „KARASK“

·         200g  cottage cheese
2  eggs
·         0.50 teaspoon salt
·         3 tablespoons sugar
·         100g  butter
·         1  cup wholemeal flour
·         3 dl barley flour
·         0.50 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
·         1 cup natural yoghurt
·         Mix soda and flours.
·         Beat eggs, add cottage cheese, sugar, salt.
·         Add the flour mixture; mix well.
·         Add melted butter and and mix very well.
·         Pour mixture into baking dish
·         Bake at 180 º  for 35-40 minutes.
·         Serve hot with butter and cheese


Bulgarian Craft Work of Haberdashery

Haberdashery Craft Work 

Necklace of zippers

Materials: zippers – big and small, scissors, pistol for silicon.

The big zipper is base that is bent and formed with silicon. The small blue zipper is cut into pieces that are rolled and glued with silicon on the big zipper. 

Bulgarian Art Work of Haberdashery

Haberdashery Art Work

Necklaces and earrings of macaroni and beads

Materials: colored macaroni, beads, paper-clamps, scissors, threads, needle.

First step: we are cutting the thread and then we are threading the needle.
Second step: we are selecting beads and macaroni of varied colors.
Third step: we are stringing the beads and the macaroni. Then we are making knots and we are hanging the paper-clamps. 

Spring flowers

Materials: colored yarn, beads, scissors, glue, paper stencil, threads, needle, pencil.

First step: we are cutting paper stencil (flower) of thick cardboard. Then we are using varied color yarn to making the flowers. We are embroidering the middle of each flower with yellow thread.
Second step: we are drawing the vase with black pencil and we are gluing the beads on the outline.
Third step:  we are cutting varied long green threads for the stems of the flowers. Then we are gluing the stems and the flowers.
Finally we are cutting small pieces of brown and beige yarn and we are gluing them around the vase.