Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bulgarian gifts of nature Craft  Work 

The Cindarella’s carriage

Materials: a small decorative pumpkin, four wooden spits, a potato, four dietetic rice biscuits, a hazelnut-shell, moss, wooden board, four small wooden laths, oakum, string, silicon pistol, knife, scissors, scotch tape.

How to create it:

Making of the carriage: we are cutting off the dietetic rice biscuits with the knife and we are making four circles – two big and two small. So we are receiving the wheels. Then we are connecting them to the pumpkin using by two of the wooden spits – we are piercing the pumpkin and then we are attach the wheels.

Making of the horse: we are gluing the oakum to the potato with silicon pistol to make its mane and tail. Then we are fixing the small wooden laths into the potato as horse’s legs. Finally we have to make its muffle: we are gluing the hazelnut-shell and a small piece of biscuit with silicon pistol. We are connecting the horse to the carriage using by the other two wooden spits and the string. So we are “harnessing” it.

Making of the grass: we are gluing the moss to the wooden board and then we are fixing the pumpkin on it. 

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