Friday, April 29, 2011

ITALIAN FABRIC WORKART: Costumes for “The Magic Flute” by Mozart

In the Theatre Lab it will be performed a play that was freely inspired by “The Magic Flute” by Mozart. The pupils, Ionela and Lia, supervised by the teacher Simona and the educator Cristina, realized costumes for the main female characters.
They chose to perform the parts of Princess Pamina and the Queen of the Night.

 The cloth for the costumes was painted with suitable colours, decorated with glitters and fixing spray; collars and crowns are made of paper

 The peculiarity of cloths is the absence of seams. Dresses are fixed with nurses’ pins.

This is the Queen of the Night

 This is Princess Pamina

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Základná škola Ľubica- Slovensko

Textile-product doll in costume

Slovakia is famous for the cultivation of flax and hemp, which is produced in the past and canvas fabric. Likewise, staining substances - blueprint. The substances lived in the past, clothing and costumes for women. In the Kežmarok craftsmen pay staining substances sewing. With students, we have therefore decided to produce the substance and spatula doll in traditional costume.


Students calculated the necessary substance: the moral flag on the scarf to dress. Previously, we maked white substance on a cover decorated with wavy lines and ribbons. Then the students calculated the necessary substances and used the edges and using nail gun. Then paint the spatula on the face.

Dolls were ready and nice.