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HANDBOOK - our end product

Book contain all works which were created during the project, and presented as examples of good practice by each of us. It is full of photographs and descriptions of the way of carrying them out.Y ou can find there traditional methods and many other interesting methods and techniques.
We hope that it will be an inspiration for many of you
Enjoy your reading :)


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Here you will find our end raport of evaluation with questionares.

The evaluation was carry on many different ways. We conducted an evaluation of work meeting, initial and final skills of students. We analyced behaviour of our students and changes which follow, by filled in an observation form, as well. Besides we were interested in the level of satisfaction from work in the project, so we asked about it. Acording to the resarch bouth - pupils and teachers are hightly satisfacted from the work in the project. Students are unanimously that, lessons of art and craft were more interesting and they were more active, involved during the lessons then normally. Implementation of the project had a positive effect on a professional workshop of teachers. Being a part of the Comenius team enabled their development, improving, expanding their knowledge and abilities. Languge and ICT skills rised, too. Implementation of the project had a positive effect on pupils participating in it, as well - for their knowledge, abilities and the behavior. Comparing initial and final skills of our students, we find increase of it, especially in manual skills. Very important for the result of the peoject was increase of social skills and self-esteem of pupils.

Full english version will be palced later

Raport of evaluation - part I

Raport of evaluation - part 2

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