Monday, January 30, 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012

product jewelry- necklace Slovakia- haberdashery elements

manufacture of jewelry
We need: ceramic material, brick and white colors in 1kg, various licorice, spatulas and knives to modify materials, laces, beads
process: from ceramic materials modeled necessary ornament on a necklace, pendant, the best form of sheets, make sure it made ​​me strap hole, then decorate various groove and let it dry for 24 hours when it dries stained product and hang it on a wrist-have necklace
product develops manual dexterity and motor skills, creativity and children education

Thursday, January 5, 2012

product of the wires, tree of happiness- Slovakia, metal

product of the wires, tree of happiness
approach: we need a different kind of stone, size-so that we can make them happy  tree
- Need a pot-metal, may be of different colors
- We need colored beads
Technology: Prepare wires, cutting up the 16 pieces of 25 cm wires, the mesh together so that through them colors beads, we have the beads inside the twisted, tangled wires and ends, finally bunched wires around the stone, they can be there on the bottom of the stone glee better to keep happy-tree is done
- In the workshops we can sell them at craft market place older students can use to decorate beads natural stone amethyst-etc.