Saturday, December 17, 2011

The product of metal-film metallic SLOVAKIA

The product of metal-film metallic

Product Name: decorative box, decorative paintings

- In this activity, we need a metallic foil that we create a metallic effect
- Decorate the box, we need a different shape box-who subsequently decorated by metallic foil is ductile foil, which displace into different shapes, there remain to us and create a 3D effect
- Just a made images we created tissue paper technique, so that some of the places we pass metallic foil, that we pushed into the picture, it remains the metal line, which perfectly completes the picture

Italian metal artwork: Repousse on copper

Repousse is a metalworking technique in which a malleable metal is ornamented or shaped to create a design in low relief. There are different metals you can use such as drawn steel, silicon bronze, copper, gold, silver or pewter. Steel tools are used to work the metal, they have a very thin, slightly rounded end. Pupils discuss about what they could create with metals. Alessio studies  repousse on copper in art history:  <<the copper engraving is a very old form of art, that dates back to ancient Greece, Celts and Egyptians>> he tells Elisa. That's why they both decided to realize copper handmade works. They need sheets of copper, engraving and soft surface. They want to reproduce the school logo, that is an open book surmounted by a feather, enclosed in the emblem of the Italian Republic. Below there is the Latin Inscription "Plenis Velis".

Soon we will pubblish the foto of the framed works. be continued

...that's the final result

Sunday, December 11, 2011

product of natural material SLOVAKIA

The product of the natural material-bee honeycomb, comb- SLOVAKIA

Product Name: Candles

- Prepare the color honeycomb beeswax
- Cutting up the slices into 4 pieces, so we went out candles
- Prepare the candles knôtik
- Start twisting slices, so that we will wick inside
- We will gradually 3 or 4 candles then dozdobíme natural material, cinnamon, badian, ribbons, nuts, pods, etc.
- Candles and other colors dozdobíme each honeycomb
- Finally, we'll show candles and evaluate our creativity and work with this material
- Candles and smells very much products of them are nice