Monday, January 31, 2011

Crafts of pupils from Spain

In the school of Sta Teresa we have done an activity with pegs.

On our first presentation we talked about our city, León, and its important monuments. Due to it, we decided to make a model of the cathedral and other important building (Botines, designed by Gaudi) with pegs. So the rest of Comenius participants learn a little more Leon, our city. 

León Cathedral (Catedral de Santa María de Regla de León) is a French-style Gothic cathedral built in the13th century over the ruins of ancient Roman baths.
Intricately carved portals, glorious rose windows, one of the oldest choirs in the country, and beautiful sculptures such as the Virgen de la Esperanza are just a few of the cathedral's many impressive features.

Gaudí started the project of this building in 1891 commissioned by the fabric merchants of León. These business men had a relationship with the Catalan textile sector. Actually it was one of these Catalan business men, Carlos Güell, who recommended Gaudí as possible designer for the new Leonese textile headquarters. The result was a modernist building with a Medieval look. All business activity was carried out on the ground floors. The upper floors were reserved for residences. The building was declared a Historic Monument in 1969. Today it is the social headquarters of Caja España.

The students who have made this construction are or the sixth level , primary upper students, those who are going to Italy in February. We used paper to make the stained windows- typical of these kinds of monuments.

We have enjoyed carrying out this activity and we hope you will like it!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Workshops of pupils from Poland

Pupils were interested in the geographical situation of countries which participate in our project. They noticed that the most of these countries had coastline. Therefore pupils decided to make models of ships.  

Pupils had the access to materials showing different models of ships.  Works were preceded by the working illustration which iclude the dimensions of the semi-finished products of wood.

 Boys like to create their own models of ships very much. They made works about different level of difficulties, depending on skills of wood’s treatment.

They were involved in the process of creating and they had their own ideas.
In the process of creating ships  we formed manual skills of our pupils. Besides we developed abillity of solving simple technical tasks independently by themself. 

We trained skills:
-         using material sparingly,
-         measuring, cutting wood with a handsaw,
-         chiseling,drilling,
-         giving the shape with the rasp and the abrasive paper,
-         arranging and joining elements.

We tried to develop the ability to focus on the own work and the habit for improving it.


Pupils have to take care about the order on their workstation.

Abilities of using tools at the wood’s treatment, could be usefull in their daily life as well as professional life.
We made a work which developed the pupil’s creativity.

 Mgr Dorota Skorupa has given clasess.

Our final result........


One of them built structures composing of blocks put on oneself (small motor boat). The others made sailing-ships of their dreams.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pieces of wood and paper - Resource Centre to support integrated education of children and pupils with special educational needs - Bulgaria

Our works are made from waste products. Our idea is we can show that the products we throw in our daily life we not only can make something beautiful, but so we can protect our environment from pollution.
First step: we generate materials - straw, empty box of fruit juice, paper box of eggs, color magazines, colored paper, wood chips, color paints, paint brushes, glue and adapted scissors.Second step: we use our imagination and we do than waste materials - beautiful craft - you sее how: