Wednesday, December 1, 2010

why do Italian pupils choose Pinocchio?

eight pupils thought about something representative of Tuscany, that's why they chose Pinocchio. This tale was written by Lorenzini who is well known as Collodi that is the name of his town. Collodi is not far from Prato. Serena, Elio, Faiza, Hu, Andrea, Lorenzo, Valentina and Joselyn wondered how to represent the scene of the Miracles Field: they preferred paper mache. It is one of the most versatile craft around and is commonly used to make Carnival floats. Viareggio Carnival takes place not far from Prato. Pupils cut paper (newspaper)into strips and soaked pieces in a mixture of water and vinilic glue. With humid paper they covered the surface of the tree skeleton. Once dried details were added, pupils cut what in not useful and painted the tree. To make masks they used ballons as base. Coins were made by carton: they drew circles and cut them out. Finally they painted them.